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    We at Shannon Law Associates, Inc. provide counsel regarding all aspects of construction and construction litigation. We have drafted and edited all types of construction contracts. We also have a wealth of experience representing clients from all perspectives during a mediation/arbitration process or a litigation process. We represent contractors, sureties, subcontractors, suppliers, developers and owners in all phases of the contracting process, construction, and construction disputes.

    The majority of our practice involves assisting clients through all aspects of the construction process including bid mistakes and protests; contract negotiations and drafting; claims for design defects, differing site conditions, suspension of work, delay damages and acceleration; default terminations; wage claims; and surety claims on all types of public and private construction projects.

    We invite you to contact us regarding the construction legal services we provide and look forward to assisting you.


    A clear, detailed and written construction contract will ensure timely and successful completion of a construction project. Based upon our knowledge and experience in the construction industry, we have drafted and edited all types of construction contracts on behalf of owners, contractors, sureties, subcontractors and suppliers.

    We have worked with the owner-architect, owner-contractor and general contractor-subcontractor contract forms. We have provided general and supplemental conditions as well as release and application for payment forms used during the construction process.

    As experienced construction attorneys, we understand the implications of even the most minor change to a form contract and how those changes can effect the rights and obligations of the parties.

    Let our construction knowledge and experience work for you.

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    Many construction contracts contain mediation and/or arbitration provisions. Although mediation and/or arbitration of construction claims is faster and therefore usually more economical, it is still a very complex and time consuming process. In many instances, the parties dispense with lengthy discovery such as depositions. As a result, the attorney must be familiar with all aspects of construction to quickly and competently inquire of mediation and/or arbitration witnesses for the opponent, witnesses to whom the attorney has not had the opportunity to question. We at Shannon Law Associates, Inc. have the knowledge and experience to represent any party to a construction dispute.

    We have represented all parties to a construction project, including owners, contractors, sureties, architects, engineers, subcontractors and suppliers. Our experience representing all parties related to construction projects provides us with multiple perspectives. This ability to view facts and circumstances from multiple perspectives as well as the knowledge and experience we possess is the difference between success and failure.

    We pride ourselves on providing thorough and competent legal services with your budget in mind. One of the great advantages to using our services is the knowledge and experience we have with the various areas of construction law as well as the different types of construction projects. We have worked on claims involving both federal and state law, public and private construction, and single family residences on up to multi-million dollar projects. We have the skill and ability to analyze your issue; advize you in a cost effective manner of your rights, duties and obligations; and to counsel you to a prompt and successful resolution.

    We are available to assist you and to advise you on the mediation/arbitration process as it relates to your unique situation.

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    Construction claims are usually fact and document intensive. As a result, litigating a construction claim is one of the more complex and challenging areas of law. There will not only be procedural and legal aspects of a construction claim, there will also be the underlying construction issue and project.

    Through our knowledge and experience, we are contractors with law degrees. Whether your claim involves contracting, performance, lien and/or collections, we are qualified to assist you.

    Through the employ of Shannon Law Associates, Inc you are assured of attorneys who understand contracting, design and the construction process. With this experience and knowledge, we will pursue your litigation in a competent and cost effective manner to achieve the success you deserve.

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